Technology Adoption by Transit Agencies

We distributed a survey to California transportation agencies in April 2022, in collaboration with the California Department of Transportation (Caltrans). The survey was sent to members of the California Transportation Association (CTA), California Association for Coordinated Transportation (CALACT), National Transportation Database Reporters (NTD), and Metropolitan Planning Organizations (MPOs). The survey asked respondents if their agency had adopted any of a set of important technologies intended to improve operations. These technologies were selected for inclusion in our study following consultations with Caltrans and sector experts.

The figure below displays the number of agencies indicating they have adopted each technology, with adoption defined as agencies that are piloting, considering, procuring, or utilizing a technology. Note that we should not expect all agencies to adopt all technologies, as they operate different services, and some technologies are more applicable for some services than others (e.g., bus servicing re-routing technology is only useful for agencies that operate bus services).

The table below provides a visualization of adoption stage by technology for each individual agency. Please hover your cursor over the image to zoom in on text. Per the legend, darker colors correspond with more advanced stages of adoption. A PDF is available for download at the link below.